Slip and Fall Attorney: What to do if I Slip on a Wet Floor While Shopping

TV and movies have long poked humor at slip and fall incidents and taking an opportunity to slip and fall for the possibility of a check. For this reason, there’s been a stigma attached to these cases—and to slip and fall attorneys in general—that has made some feel hesitant to pursue a claim, questioning the validity of their case. However, the reality is that they’re common occurrences. At Tolbert Beadle, LLC, we are personal injury lawyers, or in these cases, slip and fall attorneys, not because we want to scam anyone out of money, but because we know that you need someone standing next to you when you go up against a big corporation.

Don’t Assume You’re to Blame

Often, people who slip and fall while shopping are quick to blame themselves when the truth of the matter could very well be that the store owner and management’s failure to keep the premises safe and warn of any potential hazards, could have contributed. Maybe the floor was wet; maybe it was torn carpet, bad lighting, or escalator malfunctions. Your quick instinct to blame yourself could mean you end up paying hospital bills that you shouldn’t be responsible for.

Contact a Slip and Fall Attorney

A good slip and fall attorney will know what to look for. They will review your story and give you an honest assessment of your case. At Tolbert Beadle, LLC, we’re experienced with these kinds of incidents. We know the laws, and the responsibility of the stores to provide a safe environment for shoppers.

Our law firm has slip and fall attorneys that are experienced with these kinds of cases. Once the decision is made to move forward with your claim, we will relentlessly fight for the compensation you deserve. The system is often rigged to intimidate victims out of filing their claims or create such an exhausting maze of red tape that the claimants are dissuaded from pursuing the payment that they are entitled to. This is where having a seasoned slip and fall lawyer on your side is invaluable. If it were you, you could walk away with nothing, but Tolbert Beadle, LLC could help you walk away with the maximum amount for your injury.

Tolbert Beadle, LLC is On Your Side

Don’t assume that nothing can be done. You don’t need to pay us anything initially. We work on a contingency fee, meaning you only have to pay us if we win your case. If you have had a slip and fall injury while shopping, call and schedule your free consultation with a slip and fall attorney today.

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