What Makes a Good Slip and Fall Attorney?

Slip and fall accidents frequently happen outside of buildings during icy weather, in stores with tile floors that have recently been mopped or waxed, or around hotel pools or showers. It’s commonly thought that slip and fall accidents are easily avoidable, especially in stores. Many people think that the injured simply should have been watching his or her step.

Yet in many situations, such as in a grocery store, signage, labels, and products are placed at a high level, meaning that there’s typically no reason for a person to be watching his or her steps when shopping, unless they’re expecting that the store be messy and unkempt, with spills and slick substances all over the floors.

So when an accident happens and you need a slip and fall attorney, how do you select the right person to represent you? Today, the team at Tolbert Beadle looks at some traits that make a good slip and fall attorney.

Interview Witnesses

A good slip and fall attorney will make sure to get interviews with witnesses to your accident. This means anyone around who saw the event happen, including passersby and anyone you may have been with. They may also interview the personnel who responded to the event to get an account of what they saw when they arrived on scene.

In some cases, employees will provide information that works to the benefit of your case. These kinds of accounts are extremely favorable because they are given against the best self-interest of the employee.

Gather Evidence

Another trait of a good slip and fall attorney is one who gathers evidence as close to the time of the event as possible. This includes the interviews mentioned above and any photos you may have taken at the time of the incident, as well as any footage on security cameras that may have captured the occurrence.

If you do find yourself in a slip and fall case, it’s smart to take photos of the area if you’re able. Anything that may have contributed to the event will be important for determining liability in your case.

Photos and Records

Finally, a good slip and fall attorney will be sure to take photos of your injuries. He or she may also seek out the medical records for any treatment you had to receive after the incident. The testimony of a doctor will also help solidify your slip and fall case. Photos of your injuries, even after the event, can still demonstrate the severity of the injury.

Slip and Fall Attorney at Tolbert Beadle, LLC

If you’ve been the victim of a business’s neglecting to maintain their space to keep their patrons safe, then you need to call a slip and fall attorney. For assistance, contact Tolbert Beadle, LLC, and tell them you mean business.