Why You Need a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

A pedestrian accident lawyer will protect your rights.

Being the pedestrian in a pedestrian accident is hard enough without having to deal with lawsuits and paying all of your medical bills for your the injuries you received. As the pedestrian in the accident, it may seem clear to you that the driver is at fault.  Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.  In fact, in some cases you may be found entirely at fault. A pedestrian accident lawyer can help to protect you from losing out the settlement you truly deserve. Below are a few reasons to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer for any lawsuit or case following a pedestrian-vehicle accident.

Laws Differ by State

Each state has different laws concerning personal injury accidents. A personal injury lawyer in your state will be fully aware of the state laws where your accident happened. They will be able to tell you if it’s possible that you could receive a partial settlement, could be required to pay all of your costs based on what percentage of fault is determined to be yours, and other very specific rules regarding personal injury.

You Can be Found Completely at Fault

Without a lawyer to protect your rights, and expertly argue your case, the court may find you to be completely at fault – in which case you and your insurance company would be responsible for all of your medical costs plus any damages the vehicle or vehicle owner claims. While you may feel confident that the case is clear cut, the driver’s insurance company is sure to have a litany of experienced lawyers up their sleeves to deal with cases just like yours – and they certainly wouldn’t still have a job if they weren’t successful. Be sure you have someone to protect you from corporate attorneys – a pedestrian accident lawyer with a trusted law firm will have your best interests in mind.

Lawyers Can Help Settle Cases

Having a pedestrian accident lawyer can help you to settle your case before it ever goes to court. This cuts out the risk that you will receive nothing based on the court’s decision.  Both sides generally want to cut out court costs and are happy to settle.  Your lawyer will be able to negotiate the best case settlement possible for you in order to maximize payment to you for your injuries, while avoiding extra court costs and the stress related to going to court.

Understanding Insurance

Was the driver uninsured at the time of the accident? No need to fear, an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer will be able to work around this issue and still get you the best settlements from your own insurance, possible worker’s compensation insurance, and other insurance forms you might not even know about that can help to cover your medical bills and other damages.
If you’ve been through a pedestrian accident, you’ve certainly been through enough stress. Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer is a sure way to lower the amount of stress you’re under and to maximize any payments for damages you are entitled to. Tolbert Beadle has a staff of experienced personal injury lawyers who are very familiar with pedestrian accidents.  Get in touch with Tolbert Beadle today in order to consult with an attorney about your case, and see what we can do for you.