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It takes a split second for a semi truck to make a mistake that could injure you permanently or kill a loved one. This kind of negligence isn’t just poor job behavior, it’s deadly. What do you do after an accident of this caliber?

Semi-truck accidents are rarely minor incidents. The weight and size of a semi-truck makes it easy to crush cars in an accident, causing an endless amount of damage. When you’re struggling to recover, you need to contact a semi-truck accident lawyer.

At Tolbert Beadle, we have three offices throughout Missouri in Springfield, Jefferson City, and Columbia. As a result, we’ve had the privilege of working with people throughout Missouri and Arkansas who have been injured in a semi-truck accident.

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Factors that cause accidents

Rear end collision
Driver fatigue

Limited visibility
Other highway accidents

Brake problems
Traveling too fast

Trucking Companies

Semi truck accidents may have many layers of negligence, from trucking companies encouraging a driver to drive for too long to a driver being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. We will work to get to the bottom of your case, investigating for factors like:

  • Lack of maintenance on semi trucks
  • Faulty records
  • Unsafe load capacities
  • Driver logs
  • Hiring/training/supervising practices
  • History of accident or moving violations

Client Testimonial

  • Terrific attorneys and staff worked on a semi truck case for our family. Worked hard and helped us out very much. Staff always willing to help and attorney was there when we had questions and explained our situation easily. Thank you very much and will always call them when I have a problem.
    Sean L.

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