Why Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

  William Beadle: One of the questions we get here a lot is why should I hire a lawyer if I’ve been in a car accident versus trying to handle it on my own. So first off, I’m Bill Beadle with Tolbert Beadle. I’m a partner in the firm. Terry and I have been practicing […]

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer if I Have Car Insurance?

  William Beadle: A lot of questions that we get from clients are I have car insurance, I have a insurance agent. Why would I go and hire you, a lawyer, when I already have car insurance and an agent, if I’ve been in car accident. And my answer always is you’re not in good […]

Understanding How Personal Injury Lawyers Decide Whether to Take a Case

A closeup of a personal injury lawyer shows them taking notes at their desk. How do personal injury lawyers decide to take a case?

Jump to: Do I Have a Personal Injury Case? How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Decide to Take a Case? What a Plaintiff Should Bring to a Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation? Contact a Lawyer Who Can Help Car accidents range between allowing both parties to walk away unscathed and ending in tragedy. Personal injury lawyers handle […]

Filing a Train and Car Accident Injury Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

A closeup shot of a railroad crossing sign

Trains became a technological marvel in the 1800s, as they carried passengers and goods efficiently. While trains may not bring the same awe and wonder they did centuries ago, they are still commonly used to transport cargo across the continent. According to the Association of American Railroads, trains transport more than 400,000 carloads and intermodal […]

What Is “Cause of Action?”

If you’re struggling with the reality of a personal injury, you know how someone else’s actions can alter your life. 

After an injury, you may be unable to work the job that provided for your family. Your medical bills can pile up. Physical limitations can keep you from being the parent or spouse you once were.

To get the compensation you need to get back to being yourself, you must reach a starting point to begin the litigation process. 

In a trial, civil or criminal, the cause of action is that starting point.

Holiday Traffic Safety Tips- Staying Safe When You Travel

When it comes to the holidays, you may think of eating a traditional meal, taking a break from work or school and spending time with friends and family. If you make annual road trips to see relatives far away, you may associate the holidays with not-so-merry traffic jams.  Holidays and their surrounding days are some […]

Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawsuits: When Do I Have a Case?

Tractor-trailers are essential to moving goods across the country. Trucks move 70 percent of all goods around the United States. While it may not be convenient to share the road with these behemoths of the highway, coexistence is usually mutually beneficial. But, what happens when this coexistence sours from an accident and injury? Tractor-trailer accidents are […]

Wrongful Death Lawsuits: What Is a Survival Action?

Grappling with the death of a friend or family member is one of the most challenging things anyone can go through. Even if you have advanced anticipation of your loved one’s passing, there’s a wave of grief, sadness and loss that you have to brace for afterward. In addition to the emotional toll your loved […]