Distracted Driving

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Fighting For You After A Distracted Driving Accident

It’s safe to say we’ve all been distracted at some point while driving. Cell phones, the radio, and passengers in the car can draw a driver’s attention easily. However, distracted driving can turn into a dangerous situation quickly.

If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by distracted driving, you should be aware of the facts. Whether you were the distracted driver or the one hit by a distracted driver, educating yourself about your case and cell phone usage laws is beneficial while you develop a legal case or negotiate with insurance.

Types of Distracted Driving

Cellphone usage
Disruptive passengers
Eating or drinking

Navigation devices
Grooming (applying makeup, brushing hair, etc.)
Audio adjusting

Web browsing
Adjusting vehicle controls

Texting and Driving

The most common distracted driving collision is caused by using a cell phone while driving. Texting and driving is the leading cause of those cell phone usage accidents. Using a communication device while driving can be considered negligent, unsafe driving.

Breakdown of Distracted Driving

While texting and driving is the type of distracted driving most people think of, there are other forms of distracted driving that are just as dangerous.

In 2018, 19,989 crashes occurred because of distracted driving. Of those nearly 20,000 crashes, 83 were fatal and 5,384 resulted in personal injury.

We’ve broken down the other types of distracted driving and the amount of resulting crashes:

3,972 crashes resulted from external distractions and 9,612 crashes occurred because of some other, uncategorized distraction.

Missouri Distracted Driving Laws

Missouri has unique laws when it comes to distracted driving. Currently, distracted driving laws only apply to commercial drivers and drivers who are 21 or younger. These laws also focus mostly on texting and driving.

However, while cell phone use is legal for Missourians over the age of 21, that doesn’t mean drivers can’t be penalized for causing an accident while distracted. In an accident, a driver can be held liable for damages because of texting and driving or other forms of distracted driving.

Further, distracted driving can cause more than just property damage. These types of collisions can cause personal injury and, in serious cases, fatalities.

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