If you’ve been hurt in an ice or snow accident, a personal injury lawyer is ready to fight for your rights.

If a business neglects to shovel away snow and clear ice from highly trafficked walkways, a slip and fall injury is bound to occur. Dangerous walkways and unnatural accumulation of ice and snow during the winter are very common causes for slip and fall injuries. And clearing snow immediately after a storm is only part of removing the danger. A personal injury lawyer with Tolbert Beadle will look hard at all the details and fight for your rights.

You may be entitled to compensation if your slip and fall accident was the result of another’s negligence. An example of this would be unnatural accumulation of ice after clearing away the snow.

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Missouri law normally does not include failure to initially clear snow as grounds for liability; the snowfall is considered to be a universal hazard that every pedestrian is expected to recognize. However, man-made ice that occurs when cleared snow melts and then that run-off freezes may be considered grounds for a personal injury case.

For instance, a driveway that is uphill from the sidewalk can very easily have melt-off run down it and into the pedestrian right of way, where it can re-freeze and form a manmade ice hazard.

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Every man-made ice injury victim deserves aggressive legal representation.

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